Regulation 1000 is part of a list of rules that govern insurer conduct in New Hampshire.  Regulation 1000 pertains to Auto Policy claim settlement. We have supplied a link directly to that page. Periodically this regulation is updated and approved by the legislature. This new update is not very consumer friendly.
                                                    Regulation 1000

The Department Of Insurance maintains a separate web site that has a list of all rules  governing insurers.  There is also a section dealing with consumer complaint issues.
You can visit the New Hampshire Insurance Department Home Page by clicking on this link.         New Hampshire Department of Insurance

VOC Regulation for Body Shop Refinishers in New Hampshire

Did you know that New Hampshire has regulations that govern the use and handling of VOC’s? Click on  the following link for the documentation of the federal & New Hampshire statute. You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read this file........VOC Compliance in New Hampshire

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