Title XXXI Chapter 358 D
Regulation Of Motor Vehicle Repair Facilities

The most important law that we should understand  is the Consumer Protection Law and what the responsibility is of each repair shop This law has the power to force you to refund part or all of the consumer’s payment to you. Read the law and understand  it        Read_the_story_rrd_btn

Need information on the RSA laws in New Hampshire? Title XXXVII chapters 400-420 deal with insurance. Need to access them?        


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State Of New Hampshire


The 1963 Consent Decree Document.

This document was signed by insurance associations and it was agreed that the companies involved would not intimidate,coerce,steer or try to control the insurance  market, appraisers and the


collision industry. Somewhere along the line it was forgotten and not enforced.
The CD DOT COM organization has surfaced and is looking to the Department of Justice to get this decree  enforced. You may want to get involved in the movement and give your assistance. You can read the entire document in our consent decree section.

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