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These are links to other industry related sites that contain information concerning collision repair issues. You may click on the image or the text link to access these sites. Check them out.

If you know of any links that are not on this page, and you believe they should be, please E-mail us with the link and we will install it. Thanks for your help.


AutoMuse¨, call it a blawg, blog, or just downright useful information on automotive consumer and legal issues, including diminished value, the Used Car Review, collision repair, insurance, fair market value, valuations, law, cars, trucks, car, truck, vehicles, consumer, government, attorneys, lawyers, Like Exchange, and what makes a car blog, car blawg, auto blog, or auto blawg


Good site with on-line discussion area. Has links to other areas which may be of interest.


Excellent site for professional dialogue to solve issues in our industry.Many of the  real “Industry Leaders” usually participate.


Beyond Parts is a daily informational publication originally started by the late Phil & Carolyn Rack. Nice daily newsletter.


Everything you wanted to know about the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair [I-CAR} but forgot to ask. Includes contact info, and e-mail to all regional staff.


This group will begin to drive out the third party interference  that now prevails. The CCRE is open to anyone that wants to take back their business.


Insurance Consumer Advocate Network.This site is hosted by Dennis Howard, a person dedicated to helping both collision repair people and consumers.


Collision Industry Conference site. Mission statement;
Committee Members;
 Industry Projects


National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration
Recall Data.


Search for vehicle histories including accident involvement.


Certified Aftermarket Parts Association. Web site. Includes lists of Certified and Decertified parts. Also has on-line complaint form.

Consent Decree dot Com

Collision Repair Industry Insight

Auto Body Repair News

Crash Network News

Body Shop Business Magazine

Autobody Pro Web Site

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