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Welcome to our Consumer Information Area. You can find information here that should be valuable when and if you are involved in an accident and find yourself having to deal with an  uncooperative insurance company.

We have tried to make navigating this area as easy as possible. You will find areas that will be informative and understandable. By using the Navigation Bar on the left margin, you can visit the areas that discuss consumer rights when dealing with insurers. Most consumers don’t know what rights they really have.
Learn how to read what’s on the estimate that you receive. Most estimates are written from database providers that use nomenclature and terminology that is understandable by the collision repair industry but not by the average consumer.
You also will see a section that is dedicated to some Frequently Asked Questions. Most of all, enjoy your stay here.

Need the name and address of any insurance Commissioner?....
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If you have already had your vehicle repaired,  and it has been improperly repaired, then you may want to look into the section which  discusses what options are available to you when you need to seek re-repairs.

What is “Diminished Value”?

This is a very controversial subject, but it is a reality that should be dealt with. Courts have said that a loss in market value does occur even after a repair has been completed

to pre-loss condition. There are many who disagree.
Read the DV Section

Why State Insurance Departments may not be able to help you if you file a complaint. Wall Street Journal Article.
PDF Document.

Check out our manufacturer bulletin area for information you may need to assist you in getting a proper repair.

Know your rights

Keep informed

Seek a “qualified” repairer before you have an accident

Understand the terminology used in an estimate

Don’t forget to ask questions

BEWARE of those “Direct Repair Shops”

Information leading to the arrest and conviction of any insurance  agent/adjuster attempting to “steer” consumers to or away from any specific collision repair facility. E-mail us for details.

Consumers Shopping for Used Cars
Be prepared. Read this article regarding the use of fake airbags. It may save your life and may save you lots of money and aggravation...Read The Article.
Also, when looking to purchase a vehicle, you might want to consult with a professional person to assist you with your purchase.

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