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Diminished Value

DRP (Direct Repair)shops or insurance referral shops


ImitationParts Comparison

What are my rights as a consumer in need of vehicle damage repairs

Some F.A.Q.’s (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding collision repair

How do I read and understand what is in my written estimate?

If my vehicle is repaired improperly, do I have any Re-repair options?

Read the debate of whether a loss in market value [Diminished Value] occurs when your car has been in an accident. This has become a very heavily discussed issue

This article will give you an insight into how and why insurers try to steer you to their preferred direct  repair shops. You can lose plenty if you are not careful.

National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration. (NHTSA) has an area on their web site where you can search for manufacturer recalls on all makes and model vehicles.

Aftermarket and Imitation parts comparison. You judge for yourself to see if they are the same as OEM Manufacturer parts. See the photos.

New Hampshire Insurance Department Web Site


Look at this rusted out area where the windshield bonds to the metal in this late model Ford Explorer. A replacement windshield was improperly installed less than two years ago by an insurer recommended glass company. What would have happened to the windshield during an air bag deployment? Not very safe is it? This would never have been discovered had it not been for the leaks that developed. There is a proper way to install windshields, but it appears the installer that did this one was not very competent.


Ineffective Insurance Departments

Why Insurance Commissioner Offices can’t help you. Let a former PA Commissioner tell you the reason.

National Listing of Insurance Departments & Commissioners.

Need the name & address of a specific insurance department or the name of the commissioner?
Click Here.

New Hampshire Insurance Department
You can file a complaint on line.

Consumers can gather more information for specific problems by visiting other areas of this site including Technical Info Bulletins from manufacturers and also news articles.

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