ACRS Network Disclosure

                      This site is maintained & operated by Tony Lombardozzi of
                      ACRS Network.
                       Many pages contain my own personal opinions regarding  the
                       collision repair industry and related businesses.
                       Our intention is not to offend anyone, so if you have an
                       opinion, then e-mail us and we will post it to the News
                       Page. We welcome all information, dialogue, and
                       controversial opinions.
                       Space is provided to New Hampshire I-CAR, ASA, and the
                       New Hampshire Collision Repair Association at a no charge
                       We want this to be The "collision Repair Site" for New
                       Hampshire so help us by supplying all the information that
                       you can
                       We are not giving any legal advice and only want to bring 
                       a few collision repair industry’s problems to the surface. We are
                       also dedicated to informing the consumer to make that
                       person understand what they need to do when they need to
                       have a vehicle repaired.

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