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This Web Site is designed to provide the auto body and collision repair professional and consumers, with quality and useful information pertaining to the collision repair industry in New Hampshire.

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70% of all  wrecked cars are being repaired incorrectly!!! These Statistics are derived from post repair inspections across the United States.

As more and more statistics are gathered from post-repair inspection facilities across the country, it is beginning to show an alarming trend. Seventy percent and possibly more of these damaged vehicles have flaws, defects, and in some cases safety issues after repairs. This does not say much for our industry.
The push is on by attorneys and consumers to begin to hold shops accountable for their actions. Now would be a good time  for some shops to evaluate their operations or be faced with the possibility of  a lawsuit, the results of which, could put them out of business.

Take a TOUR to see what can happen when vehicles are poorly repaired

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